Business Coaching with Sonnet James


"On my first call with Nikki over a year ago, I had crawled into the back of my dark closet, and was crying. I remember saying, “I don’t think I can do this anymore. It’s too hard.” It was so nice to have someone to complain to that wasn’t a family member or employee or friend, I could say whatever I wanted with no judgement or the aftermath of someone close to you really knowing how stressed you are in those challenging moments.⠀
I remember mostly telling her ALL my problems. Religious, relationships, and a little work related :). She had a clear sense of what needed to be shifted, let go of, and a way of sharing it that was gentle but straightforward.⠀
The biggest laugh I had was she asked what I needed from her and I jokingly said I need you to tell me everyday that I can do this. But everyday for a month she sent an email that would say “you got this” and it really did help."