Newsletters for Creatives:

How to grow & engage your audience


If you build it, they will come. You’ve built a killer, uh, where are they? And how do you keep ‘em? Newsletters, my friend. They’re where it’s at.

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You’ve launched your business (hooray!) — now you need an audience. So, who’ve you told? Your best friend, your boo thang...maybe your mom? Great first step, but I'm thinking BIGGER. Newsletters are the #1 best thing you can do to grow and engage your audience.  

For those of you thinking, “Newsletters are so passé — can’t I just use social media?” Social is great, but we have news for you, friend: Email is 40 times more effective for acquiring customers than Facebook and Twitter combined.

Here’s how you build an empire...

How It Works

This thorough, yet easy-to-follow e-course guides you through the newsletter process, from “Are you SURE I need a newsletter?” to launch day. I help you build an email list, determine content best practices, strategize design, and more. You’re also given a healthy dose of accountability through the e-course’s weekly checkpoints. (You didn’t think I’d leave ya hangin’, did you? Never.) Learn all you need to know about:

  • How newsletters help you achieve your goals

  • The perfect give/ask ratio is for engaging your audience

  • Why you shouldn’t ignore things like “preheader” and “alt" text

  • How to write for scanners and decrease unsubscribes

  • And more!

But here’s the best part: you can get started right now. Yup — during this e-course, I teach you how to start collecting emails and start crafting newsletters TODAY. Not too shabby, eh?

First things first, I’ll answer: “Why newsletters?”

The beginning of this e-course will cover all things introductory and explain why newsletters really are the bees knees. Also, it's free!

Next, you’ll be lead through these six important topics:


Before You Start

Start out with a bang! During this section, we determine your goals, pinpoint your audience, craft a plan, and go over fun legal stuff (hey, it’s important!).

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The List

What good are newsletters without people to send them to? Next, I discuss different ways to grow your email list and go over things like segmentation and personalization. 

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The Content

Now it’s time to strategize your content! Let’s talk “gives,” “asks,” sentence structure, calls to action, etc. It’s your newsletter’s bread and butter, after all.

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The Design

Start with a template, add solid formatting, and we have a party! Let’s discuss things like where your unsubscribe button goes and what color your CTA button should be. It’s all in the details.

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Launch Day!

Your newsletter’s growing up — it’s time to shed a happy tear and launch her into the world wide web. But before you do, I have some success tips (depending on your goal).

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The Data

How’d it go?! In this section, I teach you how to use quantitative and qualitative data to interpret your results and plan for future email campaigns.

Results You Can Expect

Here’s the thing: it works, but it’s work — and consistency is key. While the e-course itself is one hour long, it requires at least another six hours of application throughout the following six weeks. But, don’t sweat it—we’re in this together. With your focus and my strategy, the results can be substantial.

This very e-course has helped multiple clients build and engage with their audience, generating more profit than they’d ever anticipated.

This Is Perfect For You If...

  • You’ve been meaning to send out newsletters, but don’t know where to start

  • You have a stagnate audience and want to re-engage with them

  • You’re still wondering how newsletters are more effective than social media (it’s true!)


What's Included

  • A video for each segment

    • Listen on your own time!

  • An interactive workbook (PDF)

    • To help you stay engaged and on track to meet your goals

  • Email accountability

    • For added motivation (I’ve got your back!)

  • One discounted hourly private session

    • Like my e-course? Deep dive with some one-on-one coaching

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