Feminest Incubator

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It all started when…

I moved to Melbourne ready to get involved in a women-focused accelerator or incubator and I couldn’t find one. Which was disappointing but after talking with Sheree of One Roof, it was apparent there was opportunity.

Starting Mid-2019 for 12 Weeks Feminest will be running an incubator at the beautiful home of One Roof

We interviewed over 30 entrepreneurs that came out of Australian based accelerator programs and this is what they said:

  • Mentors were everything

  • Mandatory programming got in the way

We hear you.

We’re calling all female tech-founders who are interested in joining a cohort to gain support, resources, mentors, and industry experts.

But why just females?

Cause there’s a problem

  • the problem is that only 4% of ventures are female

  • but they are more likely to generate 12% more revenue if they're in charge

  • the problem is, it’s known that women don't think big

  • the problem is women are running into issues that men never have to

    • being told to not have kids

    • being told to be sexy

    • being told to come hot tubbing with dudes to pitch their idea

Join us in supporting the next wave of female business owners.