Excel 101 - Best uses and practices for small business owners

Why you NEED it

You've been told you should know it, you tinker around in it sometimes, but really just don't see the need for it. Let me get all Sheets preachy on you ---->

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MY GOAL IS TO CONVERT YOU by showing you all the incredible tools, templates, and formulas that will turn your vision boards into realities.


You. You're wanting to up your google sheets game


I'm using "excel" and "google sheets" interchangeably but I'll be working in google sheets because it:

  • has all the tools that I need that excel has

  • is free

  • is universally accessible

  • is easy to share and collaborate with others.

Only $29!


Cause you've got to! Keep reading.....

"Excel is so universal. It shouldn’t be a question about learning it. It’s a must for doing business well and being a part of the business world." - Jamie

Someone asked me to spell out how excel has made me more money and it's like asking "how has reading helped you make more money?" No joke - excel is just the tool you use to educate yourself on how to conduct business and make more money. The majority of my clients don't have a very good handle on their finances and a spreadsheet (not xero, not quickbooks, or any other accounting software) is the only way to know the fundamentals. But more specifically to money making tools here are some of the template we'll be going over:

  • Accounting - with the Profit First %'s

  • Revenue Modeling

  • Financial projections

  • Sales Funnel Conversions

Here are other things you can and should be using a spreadsheet for:

  • Inventory management

  • Time management

  • Forecasting

  • Database creation

  • Decision making

  • Goal setting

  • Choosing what country in the world to move to (... maybe that's just me?)



Deep Dive

  • overall 101 of excel, tabs, formatting tools

  • understanding how to create a database filter, using conditional formulas, sorting, great for anything that has multiple moving parts

  • math - how to use diverse formulas, to understand the numbers of your business (literally any number, accounting, analytics, sales) and the ones I use the most frequently



We'll go over the templates that I use everyday and I'll show you how to take and run with them:

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Ask me anything. Literally. I'm an excel enthusiast and want you to be too.

Here's the thing:

  • You can google how to use excel (you can even enroll in this insanely vast (albeit dry) and FREE course), but it's hard to know what's relevant to you, I'll show you how I use it everyday and make it fun.

  • Large corporations use excel and expect small business owners to know it and use it. Knowledge of excel is mandatory in the business world.

  • You won't find these templates anywhere else

  • This isn't an upsale to something bigger and greater. I'm giving you all my knowledge I have in 90 minutes, and some. Sure, I'll talk to you at the end about my 1:1 services but this isn't a promotional gimmick to trick you into buying a bigger package.


This Is Perfect For You If...

  • You want to learn more about how to maximize the powers of excel

  • You need to get better organized with your business

  • You are wanting to level-up your business 

What's Included

  • A video recording

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  • BONUS: Top Time-Saving Shortcuts for Excel PDF: all hot keys I use on the daily

  • Discounted private coaching package

    • Get access to a discounted dive with some one-on-one coaching

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What people are saying:

“I loved the Feminest Excel webinar because it taught me all sorts of tips and tricks that are going to save me heaps of time when I'm working with spreadsheets! I was happy to also learn all sorts of new ways to use Excel that I had never even thought of before!” - Meredith, Canary Lane