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Inside the mind of an art collector, a Q&A with Maggie Scott

Majority Rule by artist Michael Cook

Majority Rule by artist Michael Cook


Over the years I’ve come across a lot of creatives wanting to sell their art, specifically to serious buyers at a higher price point.

It’s difficult to figure out the high end art market. It feels so insider, “hush hush” and like no one is sharing info. But HERE is someone willing to share and bring you into the fold!

Maggie Scott, who has been a president of an art collection group (Port Phillip Collection) and is not only delightful and hilarious, but she has 10 years of experience and amazing insights So many artist want their art taken seriously and to be purchased by buyers that will appreciate their talent, this is a great opportunity to understand how to get in front of those collectors and what they’re looking for. It’s also great for people who are interested in wanting to start collecting for their own homes.



This is perfect for creatives who are interested in selling their art to more serious buyers.


It’s also great for people who want to understand art collecting, establishing an art collector group, and what to look for when purchasing art.


A Q&A session with a president of an art collection group of 10 years, Maggie Scott. We’ll go over the following:

  • History of the group forming:

    • why and how the group started

    • who was in it

    • what the parameters were

    • explanation of the group’s constitution

  • Art selection process for the group

    • where they looked for art

    • how they choose the art - was there written criteria or check list?

    • thoughts on overall mediums: photography, sculpture, painting etc.

    • price point psychology

  • Maggie’s personal art buying

    • high and low art - pieces Maggie has purchased outside of the group

    • where Maggie places the art in her home

    • how Maggie will buy art moving forward

  • Open Q+A - ask Maggie anything!


Melbourne time: March 27, 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Chicago time: March 26, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.


Zoom video conference call. You’ll be sent a link before the session starts. You can call in as well.


$20 USD, click the button:

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