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Crafting Your Creative Business Plan

You’re doing this thing — you’re starting a business! ...so, what’s the first step? It’s time to craft a creative business plan, my friend.


Excel 101 for New Business Owners

You've been told you should know it, you tinker around in it sometimes, but really just don't see the need for it. Let me get all Sheets preachy on you ---->

Newsletters for Creatives

If you build it, they will come. You’ve built a killer business...so, uh, where are they? And how do you keep ‘em? Newsletters, my friend. They’re where it’s at.


Coaching Creative Entrepreneurs:

Yes, even coaches need coaching. (Coaching inception?) If you’re interested in coaching, but you don’t know where to start — look no further, I got you...

SEO For Creatives

You know you need to improve your online marketing, but you have no idea where to begin. Let’s make this simple: SEO is the foundation for everything. Here’s what I mean... 


Creative Business Bundle

Ready to jumpstart your creative business? (Answer: YES) This bundle includes my Business Plan, Newsletter, Coaching, Excel101 and SEO e-courses at a discounted price. Let's do this thing.

I loved this ecourse! Nikki did a great job helping me dig deep, and then go even deeper. At this point in my process, the 5 Why’s Exercise gave me the opportunity to really get in touch with specific words that express meaning behind my business. I also loved the How questions. She made me prioritize my logistical and emotional struggles, and then gave me an action plan to work through them. Thanks for the help in my creative process!
— Jamie Nugent, Soon To Be Coffee Shop Owner

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