Crafting Your Creative Business Plan

You’re doing this thing — you’re starting a business!, what’s the first step? It’s time to craft a creative business plan, my friend. They’re more important (and more fun!) than you might think...

crafting your creative business plan

You have a killer idea, you know you’re a badass, and—who knows—maybe you’ve even launched your business already. No matter where you are in this process, a business plan will build a solid foundation for your brand and help you reach your biggest and hairiest creative business goals.

For those of you thinking, “Sounds like a lotta work — are you sure it’s that important?” Oh yeah. In the words of our beloved Seth Godin, “It’s the alchemy of turning your resources into something that people value, something valuable enough that it turns a profit.”

Now, let’s have some fun, shall we?

First things first, I’ll answer: “Why a creative business plan?”


The beginning of this e-course will cover all things introductory and explain why I'm pushing this whole business plan thing. Also, it's free!

Next, you’ll be lead through these three important topics:


The Why

Why are you starting this business, anyway? Why you over everyone else? And why should people care? (I care, I promise.) Dive into clarifying your purpose.

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The What

It’s time to talk $$$. What’s your business model, and how will you turn a profit? I’ll help you get smart about income streams and setting revenue goals.

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The How

So, how’re you gonna do it? In this section, I’ll introduce some marketing tricks of the trade (elevator pitches, networking, etc.), then create an action plan to get the ball rolling!

Results You Can Expect

Here’s the thing: it works, but it’s work — and consistency is key. While the e-course itself is one hour long, it requires at least another three hours of application throughout the following three weeks. But, don’t sweat it — we’re in this together. With your focus and my strategy, the results can be substantial.

This very e-course has helped multiple clients build the courage to launch their business, hone their brand, and even reach revenue goals they hadn’t thought possible.

This Is Perfect For You If...

  • You want to launch or revamp your business, but don’t know where to start

  • You know a business plan is important for creatives, and you’ve read some stuff about it, but you need some accountability

  • You’re still wondering why I'm having so much fun (It’s good stuff - trust me!)


I loved this ecourse! Nikki did a great job helping me dig deep, and then go even deeper. At this point in my process, the 5 Why’s Exercise gave me the opportunity to really get in touch with specific words that express meaning behind my business. I also loved the How questions. She made me prioritize my logistical and emotional struggles, and then gave me an action plan to work through them. Thanks for the help in my creative process!
— Jamie Nugent, Soon To Be Coffee Shop Owner

What's Included

  • A video for each segment

    • Listen on your own time!

  • An interactive workbook (PDF)

    • To help you stay engaged and on track to meet your goals

  • Email accountability

    • For added motivation (I’ve got your back!)

  • One discounted hourly private session

    • Like my e-course? Deep dive with some one-on-one coaching

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