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For tailored, ongoing support, consulting might be your jam.


You’ve launched this amazing tech company, you know it has legs, but you can only do so much. I hear ya. My consulting packages are for tech entrepreneurs who want to reach their business goals and do it alongside someone who is realistic, has experience with other founders, will guide you where you need to go and connect you with you need resources.

So what does this mean, exactly?

Depending on where you’re at in your business depends on how I can help you.

Ideation stage:

You have an incredible idea, you just don’t know if it has legs and where to start. The following items will get you into a space where you’ll walk away with concrete next steps and a more solidified vision for your dream.

  • Market research

  • Competitive analysis

  • Unique value proposition discovery

  • User surveying

  • Lean business modeling

Business plan mapped:

We’ll work together on what really is an MVP, aka, the one that you can build with the skills you have now.

  • Strategy and MVP execution

Minimum Viable Product built:

You’ll get an even clearer vision, based on feedback will probably have pivoted once or twice and will be on a solid track moving forward.

  • Finding early users

  • Pitch deck designing

  • Pitch presentation skills

Revenue generating / raised capital:

An exciting stage where the dollars are coming in! Let me help you get more money/users.

  • Business development

  • Sales

And here are some services for no matter where you’re at:

I care, a lot about my clients, consider them all friends and refer to them that way. I don’t just give services, I invite you into my ecosystem home.

  • User research and discovery

  • Partnership development

  • Connections to appropriate personal connections

Whether it’s digging through your user data and emailing every single one of them (done that) or figuring out your crucial next steps, I’m here for you. A lot of times I talk to entrepreneurs and they just need a bit of direction. I know what you are building is special, you wouldn’t be doing it otherwise. I would love the opportunity to see if we could be a good fit.


Sounds great, but I still have some questions…


How far along in my business should I be?


Time doesn’t matter as much as traction. You can be at ideation stage and I would love to work with you.


How long does this take?


First, you book a free 30-minute consultation (mini session). Next, figure out what your needs are and I’ll quote you based on our chat.


I have zero dollars, can you work with that? :)


Actually, maybe. If you’re a women of color - see this post. If you’re not and interested in giving up equity, we could talk about a potential term sheet, that could be mutually beneficial.



"Nikki makes a great coach because she is a "says it how it is kind of gal". If your looking for solid, smart, and strategic advice turn to Nikki. I needed direction and discovered Nikki just as I was shifting gears in my career. I felt like there was something missing and then out of the blue I decided to set up my intro call. I am happy I took that step because it's the best investment I've made thus far in my new business. Nikki is the light that will guide you. She's got an art form for getting granular about your needs, market needs, and helps you create actionable items to set you and your business up for success. Everything feels attainable in that moment you are talking with her but the big picture also doesn't go unnoticed. She's with you for the long-run and helps you set yourself for the future. I admire her and can't wait to see where we both are 5, 10+ years from now. Thank you Nikki!" - Lindsay of Gathr

"When I got Nikki involved I was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things I was meant to be doing to build my business, whilst also feeling less positive about my ability to turn it into a viable enterprise. Nikki quickly understood my business through a combination of active listening and her own research. From there she provided suggestions on the areas to double down on vs scale back on. I felt all of these recommendation were practical and viable. This combined with the support she provided made me feel more in control and optimistic about the business. Time and money well spent!"⠀- Maggie of Parachuute



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