Coaching Creative Entrepreneurs

Yes, even coaches need coaching. If you’re interested in coaching creative entrepreneurs, but you don’t know where to start — look no further, I got you... 


You’ve done some research, and maybe you’ve even been coached yourself. You're drawn towards coaching creative entrepreneurs, but you need help crafting a unique program.

In this e-course, learn how I became a business coach, what has worked for me, and what hasn’t. (So you can learn from my mistakes!)

For those of you thinking, “Sure, you’re a successful coach, but what if I don’t have the right skills or credentials?”’re gonna need to stop with that limiting self-talk. Everyone has something to offer. No, really - it’s true!

So let’s pull the trigger and start changing lives...

First things first, I’ll tell you my story and answer: “Why coaching?”

The beginning of this e-course will cover all things introductory and explain how and why I rebranded from a consultant to a business coach. Also, it's free!

Next, you’ll be lead through these five important topics:



In this juicy intro section, I give you tips on how to get started — from being coached yourself, to on boarding clients, and navigating pricing.


Should you have a program? The answer is yes (and I’ll explain why). I’ll also share some of my favorite coaching exercises with you.

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Just do it. In this section, you learn how to incorporate listening techniques, ask the right questions, and use your secret weapon: silence.


What’s a coaching business without paying clients? I’ll teach you some marketing strategies and emphasize the importance of having different revenue streams. 

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I’ll leave you with the good stuff! In this final section, I lead you through an exercise to help jumpstart your unique coaching program.

Results You Can Expect

Here’s the thing: it works, but it’s work — and consistency is key. While the e-course itself is one hour long, it requires at least another five hours of application throughout the following five weeks. But, don’t sweat it — we’re in this together. With your focus and my strategy, the results can be substantial.

This very e-course has helped helped multiple aspiring coaches finally pull the trigger and build marketable and profitable businesses that allow them to follow their curiosities.

This Is Perfect For You If...

  • You want to become a coach, but don’t know where to start

  • You have a general idea for your coaching program, but you’d benefit from some accountability

  • You’re still not sure if you have the credentials to become a coach (You do!)

What's Included

  • A video for each segment

    • Listen on your own time!

  • One discounted hourly private session

    • Like my e-course? Deep dive with some one-on-one coaching

My Promise To You

Not satisfied? 100% money back, guaranteed

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