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For tailored, ongoing support, my 1-on-1 service might be your jam.


You have an empire to build and no time to waste. I hear ya. My 1-1 sessions are for creative entrepreneurs who want to reach their business goals through an intimate and personalized experience (with yours truly).

So what does this mean, exactly?

I start with 3 sessions focussing on: the Why, the What, and the How.

During the “Why” session, I get into the nitty gritty — the heart of your business, why you do what you do. Prepare for the emotional (maybe grab some tissues...it happens!) as I guide you through a “5 Why” exercise. It’ll be great - I promise.

Then comes the “What.” Once I reveal the core of your business, it’s time to discuss your business model and revenue streams. Less sexy, but equally important.

And finally, the “How.” Here’s where things really get exciting! During this session, I create an action plan based on your “Why” and your “What” (including marketing, hiring, etc.). These next-steps will help you reach your business goals with confidence.


Sounds great, but I still have some questions…


How far along in my business should I be?


I have found my services work best with people who have been working through their idea for at least a year and have been bringing in some revenue. 


Can we meet after the three sessions?


Absolutely! After setting a foundation with these sessions, we’ll tailor our future meetings to what’s best for your business and what’ll help you grow the fastest.


Do you meet in person?


If you’re in Melbourne and can come to One Roof, I do! If not, having virtual sessions allows us to meet you wherever you are—traveling the world, on your lunch break, or still in bed… I’ve got you.


How long does this take?


First, you book a free 30-minute consultation to see if we’re a good fit. Next, we set up our WWH sessions (Why, What, How). Beyond that, it depends on you and your needs! Some people choose to meet monthly, some meet quarterly...the world is your oyster.


Can you just do my newsletter for me?


No can do, my friend. We’re happy to help strategize your newsletters with you, but the execution is not in our wheelhouse.



"We love working with Feminest, Nikki is such a great coach guiding us like Gandolph through middle earth. She has really helped us understand our strengths and weaknesses while creating a plan to make our goals achievable. What we love most about working with Nikki is how inspired we feel after our meetings with her, we're so lucky to have found her, she's really great at what she does." - Lisa & Lisa

"I got SO MUCH value from working with Feminest! Our conversations were awesome, and the feedback was incredibly comprehensive, highly detailed, and actionable. From asking about my specific goals to offering granular feedback on SEO, UX, and marketing to sharing resources and referrals to make it all happen, my sessions with Feminest were huge. Highly recommend, whether you're jump-starting or accelerating your company or project." - Krista, MeasureMake

"As a new business owner, it is stressful to know where to focus to make the every day manageable and to know how to gain new clients. Nikki educated me on new technology that has helped me to get the most out of simple daily processes like email and social media accounts. This has saved me a great deal of time, given me new resources that I use every day, and increased my presence on social media. Most importantly Nikki has helped me successfully navigate new client relationships and maintain past ones in order to gain more referrals. I recommend Feminest to any business owner who is in a rut like I was!" Jennifer, Jennifer James Interiors


  • Three 1-hour 1:1 sessions ($185/hr)

  • My process that’s been refined after working with over 100 entrepreneurs

  • All 5 of my ecourses ($250 value)

  • A #feminestbuilder portrait ($40 value)

  • A featured interview on #feminestchats ($300 value)

  • An action plan, templates, worksheets to send you on your way

Total value: $1,145

Price: $570


Ready to take the plunge? 

Don’t feel like buying a package and want to just have a quick call? I hear you. You can book that here.