Business Coaching with Made By Ilyssa


"The first time I met with Nikki I cried.⠀
It was like hiring a close girlfriend who truly wanted to listen to my business dreams, fears, and all of the nitty gritty details in between (there are only so many times you can ask your real girlfriends what they think of your margins before they get sick of it).⠀

She pushed me and gave me the confidence to take myself and my business more seriously and I remind myself of her nuggets of wisdom from our meetings almost daily (not an exaggeration). She helped me outline next steps, work out the fine details that I was struggling with, and held me accountable - all things I was seriously lacking before working with her. And like a close friend, she just. gets. it. Often she would know exactly what I was thinking before I would even say it. Nikki is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate about her work, and cares deeply about her clients."