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Business Coaching with Love, Laura Events


“Working with Nikki was the extra kick in the pants that I needed to take the leap from side hustle to main hustle. My sessions with Nikki walked me through the what, why and how of my business. With each session, I was able to formulate a clear road map for leaving my 9-5 to focus on my business full time and grow my client base. It actually happened a lot faster than I had planned and a lot of that was because of Nikki. After 2 months of working with Nikki, I tossed my original plan of saving up before making the jump, and turned in my two weeks notice. I also booked more weddings in Q1 of this year than I did all of 2018. Nikki gave me the tools and helped me find the courage to take the leap. Plus she is such a lovely human, working with her was always the highlight of my week. I’m planning to book more sessions for later this year and can’t wait to continue.”  - Laura