Business Coaching with Loreen Rose


I've had the joy of working with many business professionals in the 10 years I've owned my business. Throughout the course of this time, there were not many individuals I returned to, missed, followed, kept in touch with or longed to have in my back pocket. Nikki is that mentor that swiftly transformed from a business professional to a reliable source I confide in near or far....a friend. The business development we worked on together had me uncovering areas of my life in connection to the work I've created. Nikki has a way of putting a magnifying glass over your business to shine a light on those things that you never considered and making them grow into a success that is reflective of those personal goals she's also helped you discover. Today I am more unapologetic for the successes I ask for in my business and even personal life. She has brought me back to the basics of success....honesty and my true self.