Here's the sixth interview in the #feminestchats video series with the lovely Elle Steele of I Am Elle Steel, who “makes women’s lives and businesses more magical through uncovering their intuitive strength.” Yes please!

0:40 - Scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest - how are you feeling right now?

0:50 - What do you do for work?

1:47 - When you’re not in the room - what do people say you do for work?

2:15 - Best thing about growing up in Brunswick?

2:39 - Tomorrow your only plan is to lay in the sun with a book - and you have all books available to you - what book do you grab? - A Thousand Splendid Suns (AUS + USA) and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

3:09 - You mentioned bread is your fav indulgence - can you get more specific? Are we talking sliced? Rolls? Loafs? Wheat? Rye? 7 grain? - Wild Life Bakery

4:02 - Kunzite (stone of unconditional love) is one of your desert island magic items. Does it just hang around your house currently? Do you put it to your heart? How does it work for you?

4:34 - One sentence - what does freedom oracle mean for you?

4:57 - You’re creating a freedom oracle tarot deck - and putting it on kickstarter! Amazing! Why should someone get that instead of the millions of other ones?

6:36 - Wow - I asked you - When do you feel like you put on an act? And you said “When people want me to be angry about living with a disability because I'm just not. I could not give two shits. I'm in a wheelchair. Whoopdedoo”. I really loved that. Do you find people are awkward about people with disabilities?

7:40 - Fill in the blank, “I’m a feminist but ________”

8:48 - Now fill in the blank - with whatever your guilty feminism is - like “I’m a feminist but I watch a little bachelor” - so yours is?

9:25 - You mentioned a highlight of your work is helping people to see the truth of who they are. What’s the main thing you’ve found holding someone back from doing that?

10:25 - It’s hard for a lot of people to charge. But why is it so hard for intuitives to charge for their work?

11:00 - What Instagram account should I be following? Our Satellite Hearts, Gregory Scott - daily and weekly tarot readings, and Lucy Sheridan - The Comparison Coach

11:28 - What business inspires you? Path Hunting

12:04 - Who is your icon?

13:06 - Who should I interview next? - Bec from Path Hunting / Nicole Rowan Holt of Australian Women’s Day

Thank you Elle! So lovely to have you!

How do you feel about this new format? I'm changing things up and aiming for a Vogue 73 questions vibe that's a bit faster paced.

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Know of anyone that I should interview? I’m looking for strong feminist business owners that have a story to share!