Here's the fifth interview in the #feminestchats video series with the lovely Domini Marshall of Her Words, which is a space for women to share their stories. You should take some time and browse the amazing interviews she's done, they're powerful and raw (like talking about having your first orgasm).

0:15 - Scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest - how are you feeling right now?

0:28 - I had the best time at your Her Words dinner. What’s the best advice on how to host an intimate dinner party with as large of a group as you had?

1:12 - You mentioned one of the best things you’ve had to eat recently was a croissant and coffee from your favorite spot - All Are Welcome Bakery…. What’s your “desert island food”? Would it be that or something else?

1:26 - You told me you wanted to live in Paris, why?

2:06 - So with Her Words you focus on representation and storytelling to raise empathy and educate through stories… what feminist topic do you think has the least amount of representation and storytelling around it that needs more attention and empathy?

3:02 - As a writer and filmmaker who works with brands and businesses to create content, what’s your #1 piece of advice on good content creation?

3:44 - Why do you think storytelling is so powerful? - Paul J. Zak

4:53 - Who is one of your favorite story tellers? Mariam Issa

5:25 - What's one of the harder aspects of your work?

5:53 - You created her words and hosted your launch party on International Women's Day 2017. How did that feel?

6:03 - I asked you what businesses inspire you and you told me 3! Which ones were they? Of Kin, The Equality Institute and Grace Papers.

6:43 - You said you’re an avid reader and can’t choose a favorite book. What’s the book you recommend the most? The Eye of the Sheep by Sofie Laguna

6:58 - So you said that one book that has made a lasting impression was Just Kids by Patti Smith and that it was so inspiring, dreamy and romantic. Would you say you’re a romantic?

7:09 - Well good. Because you also mentioned falling in love with poetry when you did your creative writing honors. Do you write poetry?

7:46 - What was it about A Little Life: A Novel by Hanya Yanagihara that made you cry so much?

8:31 - How do you feel about money?

8:37 - Favorite podcast? Guilty Feminist, Pretty for an Aboriginal (mine), Starving Artist

9:15 - One of your favorite things to do is go to the movies and watch a film by yourself. Where do you sit in the theater?

9:28 - Do you get snacks? Or bring your own???

10:15 - Best piece of advice for a new business owner?

10:49 - I asked you what you wanted written on your gravestone and you mentioned not wanting a gravestone, and that you’d like to be cremated and thrown into the ocean. Do you care which ocean?

10:57 - Who do you think I should interview next? Of Kin and Elle Steele

How do you feel about this new format? I'm changing things up and aiming for a Vogue 73 questions vibe that's a bit faster paced.

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Know of anyone that I should interview? Looking for strong feminist business owners that have a story to share!