Introducing, Feminest: When It’s Time For A Rebrand

I started Gab Lab two years ago on a pad of paper while flying back from Bali. (I know, just name-dropping countries like nobody’s business.) I wanted to build a company that served as a safe space for women to talk about their businesses. I also wanted to get down and dirty - helping them build concrete technical skills.

Over the past 2 ½ years of coaching, I’ve learned that by providing this safe space, my clients share what's truly holding them back in their businesses (emotionally, mentally and psychologically). We go far beyond technical issues and business logistics.

We dig deep.

So, why the re-brand? My clients are strong, mature, and powerful - they inspire me. The Gab Lab brand was no longer doing them justice. Frankly, we don’t have time for chit-chat.

A name I once created to be approachable (like your business-savvy girlfriend, ya know?) was no longer serving me or my amazing clients and the work that they do. Yes, I’m still your friend… but I’m also here to empower you and your business.

Introducing, Feminest! (In case you’re still wondering - I didn’t spell feminist wrong. It’s on purpose.)

Sure, “Feminest” might be intimidating.. but I’m up for the challenge. Because guess what? Being an entrepreneur can also be intimidating, yet here we are! When brainstorming for my re-brand, I was warned that the word “feminist” is divisive. That’s fine with me. I’m proud to be a woman, and I’m proud to support women who aren’t afraid to push boundaries and frankly just have equal rights. The “nest” comes from the nurturing side of growth, a place that feels warm, comfortable but will also foster a place for you to fly.

With Feminest, I hope to foster a community of creative women who empower each other, learn from one another, follow their curiosities, take care of business, and GROW.

And with that, I’ve pushed myself. Instead of piecemealing my website and branding strategy, I hired experts. Here’s a piece of advice I always give my clients: don’t try to do everything yourself. Not a designer? Hire one. Not a brand strategist? You’ll need one of those, too. Trust me - it’s so, so worth it.

With Feminest, I now have a brand that represents both myself and my clients - a brand I can learn and grow with. Because, yes — I’m still growing, too.

So long, Gab Lab!